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Inspiration of the day: Hug the Garbage man

I am coming to the end of my day in a much better mood than I started it. So I would like to apologize to anyone I encountered in the first 2 hours. I take all the necessary precautions to wake up in the best mood possible, I promise! My alarm is birds chirping, so I usually wake up feeling like freakin’ Pocahontas. (The Disney version, I feel that needs to be clarified. Not the real life version… I don’t wake up to a ship full of angry fighting Englishmen… at least not anymore, that was my last job.) Today, I just wasn’t feelin’ it. I don’t know why. I had the perfect recipe for a long restful sleep. Clean sheets and late night martinis… works every time, just not when a crying dog and a god damn crow are making as much noise as animaly possible and I’m too lazy to reach up and shut my window. However, I’m a trooper, and breakfast was just around the corner…. who doesn’t love a good breakfast? For some reason my leftover popcorn, skittles and waffle combination didn’t provide the kickstart I was looking for, and my shower didn’t wash away the cranky. So off I went… first stop, smelly garbage bin in the alley behind my apartment. Awesome. I’m sure the handle will be extra juicy today. As I approached the bin (you know, the one with the huge latch and the giant lock on it like all the bins in Vancouver… just because we don’t want it, doesn’t mean we want anyone else to have it, ok?) Anyway… There I was, struggling/walking up to the bin with my hands, arms and even my legs trying to juggle and sort the garbage from my own personal crap. It was at that point that the Garbage man stopped what he was doing got out of his truck and came over to help me unlock and open the lid. In doing so, he did what my skittles and shower never could,… he washed away the cranky. It doesn’t seem like a big deal and in fact you are probably annoyed that you read this far and THAT was the climax of the story, but to me, on this day, it was kind of epic. There is a good chance he just wanted this awkward struggling human to get the hell out of the way so he could go on with his work. It didn’t matter. He had set in motion a chain of events and no matter how many times Ashton Kutcher went back in time to change it, he still died….. wait, what?… that never happened, I might be thinking of movie.

Point: The Garbage Man changed my mood and inspired me today. So maybe I could have the same effect on someone else if I looked up from my phone and noticed the world around me.  I don’t need to say because I think it’s obvious, but I will anyway. The moral of the story is this…. Crows are jerks and Garbage men are awesome.

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Inspiration of the day: Take a deeeep breath.

I hear it all the time and I thought I was doing it right, but apparently every deep breath I have ever taken in my almost 28 years of life has been a total sham! My parents failed me.

Allow me to elaborate. I’ve started doing yoga. It was only a matter of time before this happened. I had some pretty serious long term plans to pay for a gym and never go, eat like crap and drink most of my meals. Those plans were thwarted (unbeknownst to me) the moment my address changed to ‘kitsilaaaaaahno’. Don’t let that over-enunciated pronunciation fool you, I freaking love it here! I dread the day I will be forced to leave. I am terrified that one day my landlords will tell me they hate me and kick me out of the neighbourhood. (I’m almost positive they have the power to do that). Anyways, I digress… rewind, back on track. I love kits, thats why I moved here. I love the beach, I love the trees, I love that everyone is so active, even the strollers are made for seriously active activities. I bet the babies inside are doing downward dog and sipping kale infused coconut juice from their sippy cups. Not for me. There were two ‘typical kits’ things I wasn’t going to do. Buy groceries at Whole Foods and Yoga. Let me tell you how that went, Fail and Fail. After a year of living here the fresh ocean air got all up in my brain and screwed shit up! Now I’m spending $11 at Whole foods deli for a lunch sized portion of their steamed greens more than twice/week. (highly recommend it by the way. Its so delicious it doesn’t even make sense) Aaaaand not only am I paying for a yoga membership, I’m actually going! What has HAPPENED to me?

We have finally arrived at the point. Breathing. It is a huge part of actually doing yoga, which sounds like a lot of hippy dippy bullshit if you don’t know how to actually do it! Which apparently I did not. My idea of a deep breath was breathing into my stomach. It would end up looking the same way a cute little toddlers belly does, except on a 27 year old, its less ‘cute’ and more ‘I just had a giant sandwich and a large plate of pasta for lunch’. Soooo I wouldn’t breath deeply very often. I would do the normal shallow breath that we do when we aren’t thinking about it. My yoga teacher described it as the ‘fight or flight breath’. There is rarely any fighting in my life and even less flighting, so why am I breathing like that? She introduced me to this little exercise where you put your hands on the sides of your ribs with your thumbs around your back. Keep them there, now when you breathe, breathe into your thumbs. BAM! You’re transformed!! 🙂 Ok, so its not that revolutionary. I still breathe like I always have, but when I am conscious of it, I try to take in a few deep breaths throughout the day. Now when I am at the end of my yoga practice, taking my deep breaths and looking inside through my minds eye I think to myself … “What else did those jerks forget to teach me?”

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The start of a wonderful Journey…

Ok, so the title of my first post is horrible. Admittedly, I probably watch too much t.v ….. scratch that, I definitely watch too much BAD t.v. I’m starting to talk about new endeavors like I’m looking for a husband in a room full of attention starved weirdos with beautiful bodies and low self-esteem.

No, this is entirely different. I am trying something new and scary and kind of exciting. I haven’t quite decided what this is going to be because I only just decided I wanted to write a blog this morning. I do however, know that it is not going to have horrifying details about my personal life (aside from the fact that this brilliant idea to write a blog came to me the same place all my brilliant ideas hit me……. in the bathroom. What can I say, I really like to brush my teeth 🙂 )

Anyways, what was I saying? oh yes… horrifying details. This isn’t going to have any, at least that’s the plan because lets face it, my mom is probably the only one who will actually read this and I’ve probably already told her all the horrifying details just to freak her out, so I should probably keep it fresh to keep my reader engaged. This whole ‘writing a blog’ thing has been done so many times that it seems there is nothing fresh left to write about. I could write a sassy blog about sex, dating and trying to make it as a writer in the big city…. but I’m useless at 2/3 of those, so that won’t yield enough material, and I feel like that’s probably been done.

Nope, I’ve decided to write about what I’m good at…. not being clumsy and awkward (although, I am those things). I am good at finding inspiration in the every day randomness of my life. I have been so fortunate to see the world, meet so many amazing people and experience some awesome shit… and I feel like its time I started writing about it even if it is only you that’s reading it, mom.

Stay tuned for some random bits of inspiration!

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