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IOTD: No pissy attitudes.

“Dear Diary,

I’m sorry I haven’t written for a while. I’ve been so busy….”

If you ever owned a diary as a little girl…. you know those words are written somewhere on those tear laden pages, along with oh so elegant prose on how unfair everything in your life is… It sounds so dramaaaatic, let me tell you, it was. The pages of my diary were full of sad stories about love, betrayal and how my sister wouldn’t share her ketchup chips with me (ok, not so much the first two, but definitely the last one. She was really mean to me when we were younger. I always tried to be a supportive older sister and she wouldn’t accept me. 😉 … Kaily, before you clog up the comments section …remember, Its my blog, I can write whatever side of the story I want!)

where was I? oh yes… I was lying about my sister talking about my diary. The inanimate object that I insisted on apologizing to.


Plane, I’m so sorry I locked you in here for so long…. please don’t be mad at me..

Silly, I know, but those were simpler times… times when all you had to apologize for was neglecting your diary, or forgetting about a glass of juice in your room that started to grow vegetation, or accidentally killing your hampster… (it was an honest mistake, I assure you and I was heartbroken but I really my sister really didn’t mean to kill him, so I didn’t hold a grudge for too long…. see, I’m a good older sis)

Anyways… I digress…back to easier times… everything was black and white. Go to school, do homework, do chores, be an excellent child. easy. I did that day in and day out. Black and white, until things started to turn grey, the teenage years. Heading into war with your hormones, your brain, the world, your parents, black ice and street gangs… (the last two were just a scare tactic from my mom I’m sure…)


I lived in a rough neighbourhood, we had to wear full gear while walking to school.

Once I came out of the fog on the other side, I realized things aren’t so bad. Those parties I desperately wanted to go to but wasn’t allowed were full of douches and future drug addicts (probably not, I bet they are lawyers and doctors and I’m sure it’s ALL BECAUSE “SO AND SO’S PARENTS LET THEM GO!” “WHO CARES IF THE PARENTS AREN’T GOING TO BE THERE!”, “NO YOU CAN’T CALL THEM, YOU’RE SO EMBARRASSING!” ) and I’m clearly very well adjusted and normal, and they aren’t….. So there. 🙂

But seriously, life isn’t so bad. All of the photos I posted, I took last weekend at a skydiving site. It was literally raining men for a few hours. Soooo, you know, it could be worse. 🙂

Moral of the story… same as always …Bright side, Half full, and No Pissy Attitudes.


Yes, as a matter of fact that is a photo of taylor swift in a grown man’s skydiving locker.

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IOTD: Get out, and Get wet!

Another slightly overcast morning. I don’t mind it, and I actually don’t mind the rain either. However, If it’s a choice of going out into the rain and the cold to try and take photos when I’m not really that great at it or staying in my cozy bed for an extra 5 minutes, then another 5 minutes, then juuuuust another 5 minutes. (carry on for about an hour) I usually choose the latter. It’s always worth it to get that bit of extra sleep that is interrupted every 5 minutes so you never really sleep and then when you do get up, you rush around like a crazy woman to get out the door on time. On second thought, I hate that. Clearly the fresh morning air is the better choice, but there is no reasoning with my half a sleep alter ego so here are a couple more photos I took on monday.


I am struggling with the idea of taking photos of real people, but it scares me more than walking under the Burrard Street bridge and imagining I’m Buffy the vampire slayer. ( Allison, I totally stole this from you, because I think about it now when I’m in scary neighbourhoods/normal neighbourhood and I just think they are scary )

Sidetracked again.

Oh yes, Taking photos of real people. I will get the nerve eventually. I’m hoping if people see me walking around a lot with my camera they will start to recognize me and that will make me less “the creep hiding behind the tree taking photos of people” and more “that weird girl who takes cool photos of people”.. there is totally a difference.

On Sunday I was down at the beach (with my camera) and it had poured rain all day, and then right at the end, the sun came out. I was walking back to my apartment and I was coming up to this old man that was walking slowly and he wasn’t paying attention, he was encroaching on this massive puddle and his velcro runners were going to get all wet. I was perplexed, do I tell him? Do I step out of my comfort zone and yell at this man to “Watch the puddle!”? It’s a huge decision that I clearly spent way too much time mulling about.

Before I said something, he looked down and noticed the small lake that had formed on the pathway. Phew. He sees it. I smiled at him, he smiled at me. His velcro shoes were safe. Then, as if to defy all velcro logic, he went full force into the puddle splashing and putting his arms in the air as he kicked his feet. I’m not even kidding!

“Its still as fun as I remember!!” he told me.

uuuuh, Am I in a Nicholas Sparks movie? because that was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! You think I had the courage to ask him if I could take some photos. Nope. It will be the biggest regret of my life. So instead I have a picture of some boats….


They are cute too, they just don’t look as good in velcro New Balance.

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IOTD: If you like it then you better put a lock on it.

This is good advice especially if you ride your bike around Vancouver. However I was actually referring to Beyonce’s critically acclaimed score ‘Single Ladies’. You’ll understand once you read on.

This morning was a little harder to get out of bed. It could be due to the fact that it is overcast and being from Vancouver, I’m just not used to that…. 😉 OR it could be that my brain needed extra time to regenerate brain cells after watching the bachelor something that I’m not embarrassed to say that I watch. The first one was a lie, I’m gonna go ahead and say it was the latter. So with those two things in mind, and since I had such a sweet morning/photo walk yesterday, these are the bachelor style ‘true love’ inspired results of that walk.

ImageThis one has nothing to do with love. I just like it. Although there were some ducks that seemed like they were gossiping and fighting over one male duck… so I guess it was a compilation episode of “The Duck Dynasty Bachelor”?… I don’t know… ratings are bad… moving on…


I had never noticed this little stretch of fence in all my travels across the Burrard street bridge. It’s kinda sweet. It makes me want to Investigate. How long they’ve been there? Are HJ and SN still together? Are they married now? Did they have a horrible break up and just forget it was there? If they do have a bad break up is SN going to do the ugly cry and run up the bridge with a large pair of bolt cutters and try to remove it? … Maybe I’m just thinking of breakups and the ugly cry because of last nights programming. I bet they are still in love, I’m pretty sure if they broke up the lock would just fall off.


These two were serious! No sharpie love for them, it’s full on carve it in metal kinda love…. or maybe carson doesn’t know who liz is?? … oooo awkward.


Bless their hearts… However, I feel they didn’t reeeaaally understand the assignment.


I love you too beach!!!

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IOTD: Do something that scares you as often as possible.

Once a day seems like a lot. Sometimes you just don’t encounter scary things EVERY day. Apart from putting yourself in scary situations like singing the “I have a large amount of meth in my pocket” song along hastings street. (It’s a pretty catchy song).

This morning I was up again at around stupid o’clock so I decided to get out, snap some photos and put myself in some scary situations. Not on purpose… well, not really on purpose. I was walking around the seawall as the sun was coming up and along with marvelling at the sheer beauty of Vancouver I was also thinking of how the news anchor would report my brutal mugging, or something else unspeakable. It’s weird I know, I’m a little warped in my brain area. Nevertheless, that’s how I think sometimes. So naturally I decided to also walk in the totally dodgy underbelly of the Burrard Street bridge.


The cast of CSI will show up in approximately 2 hours

I was just imagining the hoodlums hiding around each pillar waiting and snickering as I approached. I kept thinking about what I would do if I got jumped, I thought about being totally badass and beating the shit out of them, and then I realized, at best, I could make them feel really bad about themselves as they ran away with my camera. Thankfully, this never came to fruition. I guess they all left for work already.


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Inspiration of the day: Be a morning person.

I woke up this morning around stupid o’clock. It could be due to the fact that I went to bed super early last night from a meat and beer induced coma, or the fact that I have a human alarm clock who gets up between 5 and 6am every morning and it has programmed my body as well. Due to the fact that I woke up early and had an AMAZING morning I suppose I owe him a thank you, but I want to continue to complain about his ungodly hour of waking, so I think I’ll keep the thank you to myself. 

So about this amazing morning… first I was aggressively blinded by the sun pleasantly greeted by the sun the second I opened my eyes. The I realized it’s sunday so I don’t work until later, and then I thought about my photography idol Eugene Tan who gets up every morning right when dawn shows her crack (that’s even earlier than stupid o’clock) and walks to Bondi Beach to take stunning photos. I went to his studio when I was in Australia and I was seriously inspired. First I was inspired to surf like the people in his photos, then I realized I’m in my (at the time) mid 20’s and I have never been on a surfboard. So then I was inspired to buy one of his prints, then I realized some of them cost the same amount as my trip to australia. So then I was just inspired to live on the beach and take photos every day…. yup, that I can do! check it. He’s amazing. Speaking of amazing … here are the subpar results of my amazing morning.  


If the giant body of water to your left isn’t obvious enough… here is a sign to tell you where it is.


“um, excuse me lady, can you please get out of my shot! I’m trying to take mediocre photos here”


It was a little weird being at the dog beach taking photos of other people’s dogs. I have a weakness for dogs… and cute babies… I feel this was the more socially acceptable alternative of the two.


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