Inspiration of the day: Be a morning person.

I woke up this morning around stupid o’clock. It could be due to the fact that I went to bed super early last night from a meat and beer induced coma, or the fact that I have a human alarm clock who gets up between 5 and 6am every morning and it has programmed my body as well. Due to the fact that I woke up early and had an AMAZING morning I suppose I owe him a thank you, but I want to continue to complain about his ungodly hour of waking, so I think I’ll keep the thank you to myself. 

So about this amazing morning… first I was aggressively blinded by the sun pleasantly greeted by the sun the second I opened my eyes. The I realized it’s sunday so I don’t work until later, and then I thought about my photography idol Eugene Tan who gets up every morning right when dawn shows her crack (that’s even earlier than stupid o’clock) and walks to Bondi Beach to take stunning photos. I went to his studio when I was in Australia and I was seriously inspired. First I was inspired to surf like the people in his photos, then I realized I’m in my (at the time) mid 20’s and I have never been on a surfboard. So then I was inspired to buy one of his prints, then I realized some of them cost the same amount as my trip to australia. So then I was just inspired to live on the beach and take photos every day…. yup, that I can do! check it. He’s amazing. Speaking of amazing … here are the subpar results of my amazing morning.  


If the giant body of water to your left isn’t obvious enough… here is a sign to tell you where it is.


“um, excuse me lady, can you please get out of my shot! I’m trying to take mediocre photos here”


It was a little weird being at the dog beach taking photos of other people’s dogs. I have a weakness for dogs… and cute babies… I feel this was the more socially acceptable alternative of the two.


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