IOTD: No pissy attitudes.

“Dear Diary,

I’m sorry I haven’t written for a while. I’ve been so busy….”

If you ever owned a diary as a little girl…. you know those words are written somewhere on those tear laden pages, along with oh so elegant prose on how unfair everything in your life is… It sounds so dramaaaatic, let me tell you, it was. The pages of my diary were full of sad stories about love, betrayal and how my sister wouldn’t share her ketchup chips with me (ok, not so much the first two, but definitely the last one. She was really mean to me when we were younger. I always tried to be a supportive older sister and she wouldn’t accept me. 😉 … Kaily, before you clog up the comments section …remember, Its my blog, I can write whatever side of the story I want!)

where was I? oh yes… I was lying about my sister talking about my diary. The inanimate object that I insisted on apologizing to.


Plane, I’m so sorry I locked you in here for so long…. please don’t be mad at me..

Silly, I know, but those were simpler times… times when all you had to apologize for was neglecting your diary, or forgetting about a glass of juice in your room that started to grow vegetation, or accidentally killing your hampster… (it was an honest mistake, I assure you and I was heartbroken but I really my sister really didn’t mean to kill him, so I didn’t hold a grudge for too long…. see, I’m a good older sis)

Anyways… I digress…back to easier times… everything was black and white. Go to school, do homework, do chores, be an excellent child. easy. I did that day in and day out. Black and white, until things started to turn grey, the teenage years. Heading into war with your hormones, your brain, the world, your parents, black ice and street gangs… (the last two were just a scare tactic from my mom I’m sure…)


I lived in a rough neighbourhood, we had to wear full gear while walking to school.

Once I came out of the fog on the other side, I realized things aren’t so bad. Those parties I desperately wanted to go to but wasn’t allowed were full of douches and future drug addicts (probably not, I bet they are lawyers and doctors and I’m sure it’s ALL BECAUSE “SO AND SO’S PARENTS LET THEM GO!” “WHO CARES IF THE PARENTS AREN’T GOING TO BE THERE!”, “NO YOU CAN’T CALL THEM, YOU’RE SO EMBARRASSING!” ) and I’m clearly very well adjusted and normal, and they aren’t….. So there. 🙂

But seriously, life isn’t so bad. All of the photos I posted, I took last weekend at a skydiving site. It was literally raining men for a few hours. Soooo, you know, it could be worse. 🙂

Moral of the story… same as always …Bright side, Half full, and No Pissy Attitudes.


Yes, as a matter of fact that is a photo of taylor swift in a grown man’s skydiving locker.

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