IOTD: Giving myself an Intervention.


I love water. I love boat. and let me tell you, if there was a lamp. I would love lamp.

My name is Krista, and I am an addict. (pause for the group response…..)

As I sit here radiating heat I wish my addiction could have been to sunscreen. But alas, it is not. So for now I shall sit here lathered in aloe and regret and tell you about my real addiction.

Change…. I just love it.

No, not loose change.  I hate that shit, it’s noisy, loose and awkward… which is weird because normally those are the qualities I love in people. 🙂

What I’m talking about is a love of the ‘ever changing’… the ‘constantly shifting’, The thrill of something new on the horizon.

Don’t get me wrong, this addiction has its benefits. Like when it is applied to undergarment rotation, but it also has downfalls. Sometimes I get so caught up in what is next that I miss out on what is now. (soooo profound I know.) The worst of it is when I am approaching the ‘new opportunity’ I get consumed with thinking about it and I am finding it very hard to stay present.

The last few weeks I have been thinking a lot about different aspects of my life and how they are going to change in the next while. (no, I’m not pregnant…….. yet. She says with a conniving smile, a box of condoms and pin in her hand. Hah too far? Well I’m just kidding… seriously! ……..Ok now this is awkward. I maaaaay also be addicted to misguided humour, but lets just tackle one addiction at a time.)

As far as my ‘Thinking about my next move’ addiction, I’m trying to cut back so I can really enjoy each moment. As I was walking home tonight from an evening of drinking wine, eating good food and enjoying good company, Sia’s “She Wolf” repeating for the 4th time in my ears and the lights of the city reflecting on the water…. I actually took the time to appreciate the moment and this chapter of my life. If I make an effort, I can do this. I can kick my addiction to change and appreciate the moments in between. If that means I have to enjoy my undergarments for an extra day, then so be it. Wish me luck! 🙂

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4 thoughts on “IOTD: Giving myself an Intervention.

  1. Anon says:

    Nice post lady. I feel like we should start a support group. While I don’t feel as though I have a problem enjoying the moment. In fact I view it quite opposite.

    I am addicted to change after each moment was enjoyed. Ah Vancouvers great… I know lets do Toronto,
    Riding my bike to work is great, I know lets do a motor bike!
    Jessica’s great
    , I know lets do Amy

    Maybe this is why i keep quiting and starting smoking?

    Lately I’ve been calling it my gypsy soul, but I think there’s more to it than that.

    It’s a childish thing for me, it’s my game to constantly have new experiences. Like when your a kid everything is fun because everything is new. I guess I’ve just chosen to be Peter Pan in some small way.

    So as I lay in my 28 degree apartment, unable to sleep in my wrestles state I leave you with a jimmy buffet quote.

    “The worlds such a toy, if you can just stay a boy, you can spin it again and again” – Jimmy Buffet.

    • halffull22 says:

      I love this. 🙂 thanks for posting. We’ll have a meeting next time you’re back in van…. At a pub or something cuz it’s not like we’re alcoholics. 😉

  2. This gave me a giggle. Sometimes it’s hard to live in the moment – I like to chase new things too!

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