I guess you could say I’m optimistic. At first glance you might think I’m the opposite, you can blame my love of sarcasm for that. Self deprecating, wiseass sarcasm. It’s my specialty, my other specialty is seeing the upside of a situation. Even the ones where you should just let them be what they are. Those times that you just need to live in the bad for a moment, take it in so you can appreciate the good stuff.

No way. Not me. Can’t do it.

You know those conversations when someone is venting to you and they just need to commiserate or a friend just got some bad news and they are sharing with you. I automatically try to find the ‘at least’ in the situation.
Sometimes people don’t want the ‘at least’ and I end up pissing them off for not acknowledging their misery for a minute. I would be annoyed if someone did that to me all the time, that is if I wasn’t already doing it in my head. Since I discovered my need to maintain healthy relationships I’ve tried to stifle that urge.

Although here, I may just let it fly. Halfaglass could be the outlet for that annoying habit, we’ll see.


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