Inspiration of the day: Happy .. Wha?!

ImageI saw this a few days ago posted to a door in my friends apartment building… and I LOVED it! AlI could imagine was the little girl on the other side (Lets call her Tina) with big dreams of one day falling in love with one of the faces plastered to her wall, all the while being serenaded by the soulful sounds of One Direction.


Who said romance and chivalry were dead? 

It made me think of the faces I have had plastered to my wall… J.T.T (“Man of the house”/”mighty king”), Andrew Keegan (I can’t even remember what he was in), and the real love of my life… Leonardo Dicaprio. I spent many a night crying myself to sleep because he sank to the bottom of the ocean… We would never have a chance. The closest I would ever get was re-enacting that scene in my friends living room. Her couch was the raft and one of us would always sink to the bottom of that carpety ocean. yes, It was as traumatic to re-enact as you might think. At least the girls today don’t have to feel that heartbreak. Their leading men are supernatural hipsters! The biggest threat they face is ‘spending an eternity alone without their true love’… excuse me, but.. barf.

I’ve always been a bit romantically challenged. A guy once bought me a Stuffed Animal Stingray with my name on it and I spend half the day FREAKING OUT to my cousin. I suppose I should have seen that as a sign. It ended up being a bit of Steve Irwin style foreshadowing. Cuuuurse yoooou, Hindsight!

My mentality has changed a bit. My experiences have shaped me. Surprisingly, I’m not as romantically challenged as I used to be. I realize that the cheesy sappy stuff is kind of nice (once in a while! – Its not a complete transformation, but Im getting there) Tina inspired me to put it all out there, right on the front door for everyone to see. Her picture spoke to me. Those asterisks, hearts with the squiggles, and the UFO looking thingys spoke to me. What did they say, you ask? They said, Take a chance, Put yourself out there, Don’t let your past experiences define your future ones (Yes, they said ALL that, I can read between the squiggles) and Don’t let sweet impressionable little girls listen to One Direction. Seriously! They aren’t even trying to hide the sexual context! At least the boy bands of my day tried to mask their true intentions with lyrics of everlasting love! Why can’t these boys write a nice wholesome song like B44… “If you get down on me, I’ll get down… wait a minute. That might not be a great example. How about “MMMBop” I don’t think they were trying to say anything provocative with those lyrics, actually I don’t know what they were trying to say…

…I’m off track a bit now… Where was I?

oh yes, Happy Mushy/Sappy/Lovey or as sweet little Tina says … Happy Valintimes day everyone!

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Inspiration of the day: Believe in Magic, cuz that shit is real.

I find myself amazed at something I can only describe as pure sorcery. Trust me. Its magic, I can ALWAYS tell.

This revelation came to my in the form of a book. (and no it’s not “50 shades of seriously, you could have stopped at one and called it a day”) This one was much less “ice cream flavoured” and more “How could you possibly know that about me when you don’t even know me cuz you’re a book!!!!” … Interested yet?


“I didn’t see beer pong in here, am I missing a page?”

This little wonder is called Strengths Finder 2.0. As a manager it is the most helpful tool I’ve ever used for creating/maintaining/evaluating a successful team. As a human, it is just straight up magic. The concept is learning and focusing on your strengths as a way to succeed instead of dwelling on the negative. The test tells you what your top 5 strengths are and gives you suggestions on ways to develop and perfect those skills.  There is a code in the back for your online assessment (aka the source of the sorcery) and it only takes about 30 minutes to complete. You only have 20 seconds to complete each question so answer quickly and honestly, your results will be more accurate if you do.

My results were pretty bang on, but I didn’t learn anything earth shattering or completely new about myself. What I did learn was a different way of looking at the traits I already knew I had. Things like Empathy and Adaptability…. seemed more like weak traits than strengths until I read the personalized description of Empathy and Adaptability as strengths and not just traits. Suddenly I’m not some bleeding heart pushover, I’m freaking AWESOME!


“bask in my awesomeness”

The results were so bang on that I decided to act on themes that kept coming up. Journalism, creativity, writing human interest stories. Now, I’m not crazy enough to think this blog qualifies as ‘journalism’ or that any humans are interested in my stories… but it’s a start. After all, not everyone can get  rich writing about red rooms and anal beads.

As much as I have benefitted from this book. I also feel as if I have been cursed. Everyone at work has been assessed, but that’s not enough. I’m craving more. I have this need to know everyone’s strengths and what makes them tick! I want my family and all my friends to do this and I want to talk about it to everyone!

…..but until then, I’ll be over here. Chattin’ with this dude.


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Inspiration of the day: Always talk to strangers.

Yesterday was a good day. So good, in fact, that here I am writing about it a day later. “Poor Sunday”, you say. “It never gets the recognition it deserves”…. Calm down. It’s a great day too. It’s a day of late brunch, day drinking and the occasional Superbowl Nipple fiasco. It even has a fun rhyme that is associated with all the lazy, drunk FUN you’re going to have on said day.

We’re getting off track here…. what was the point? oh yea, Saturday. GREAT day. If you live in a cave, or worse, anywhere but Vancouver, then you missed out. Saturday was awesome. There is nothing like a beautiful sunny day in Vancouver, so I enjoy it when we get it.

There are 2 complaints I hear regularly from anyone who isn’t originally from here. 1. It rains too much. and 2. People in Vancouver are jerks. Wrong! … weeeell… no, it’s mostly true. Most people don’t even look up as you walk by. I am so jaded now that if someone smiles at me, I immediately check my face for leftover noodles or pen marks, and if someone talks to me, I assume they are slightly crazy or they have the worst job ever (You know the ones, they are out on the sidewalks, they have clipboards, are usually in pairs, they start the conversation before you even get to them so you don’t walk right by and have this amazing ability to smile even though you know they are dying to tell every person who ignores them to go #%!$ themselves).

…. I think I got off track again….

Oh yes, Jerks in Vancouver. Im probably one of them. How did I get like this? A few years ago I was smiling and saying hello to every person I walked by… and some lifelike statues (seriously. It was very embarrassing) This was just part of the life of working on cruise ships. If you were out in a passenger area you were expected to greet and ‘deliver the wow’ (which was interpreted in different ways depending on the person). At first it was awkward to say hello to EVERYONE. On a the first night, everyone was out and I’d end up feeling like Chris Rattan from Night at the Roxbury, but that could have just been my sweet blue suit.

When I started my integration back into the real world I couldn’t shake the habit. A friendly  “Hello” in the staircase at the doctors office would result in my getting the stink eye. Most people would react in 1 of 3 ways “Do you work here?” or “Should I know you?”. That’s only 2, and I’ve learned over my years of jaded integration that those are the 2 you hope for. The third option is that they actually talk to you. If they are under 60, you’d assume they are nuts. If this were a movie, that crazy guy would be Bradley Cooper and I’d end up dancing with him in competition where they only let 1 seriously under-performing couple compete, and he would fall in love with me. However it’s not and he isn’t yet. Reality looks more like this…

Sarah and I are walking home from a night out. There is a youngish guy waiting for the bus at around 1am.

Me: I’m thinking, how responsible, he isn’t driving. *I smiled as if to say “Good for you!”*

Him: “Would you ladies be interested in a threesome?” he didn’t even skip a beat. I mentally added him to my list of people to avoid on Transit.

The evidence presented would suggest I stop smiling at everyone but I am determined to outnumber the crazy/pervy interactions with normal less suggestive ones. I’m not the only one. February 8th is now “Say HI Vancouver day”

So smile at a stranger passing by …. the chances are pretty good they’ll just smile back, but if you’re lucky you might get an offer you just can’t refuse.

… We said no, by the way.

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Inspiration of the day: Hug the Garbage man

I am coming to the end of my day in a much better mood than I started it. So I would like to apologize to anyone I encountered in the first 2 hours. I take all the necessary precautions to wake up in the best mood possible, I promise! My alarm is birds chirping, so I usually wake up feeling like freakin’ Pocahontas. (The Disney version, I feel that needs to be clarified. Not the real life version… I don’t wake up to a ship full of angry fighting Englishmen… at least not anymore, that was my last job.) Today, I just wasn’t feelin’ it. I don’t know why. I had the perfect recipe for a long restful sleep. Clean sheets and late night martinis… works every time, just not when a crying dog and a god damn crow are making as much noise as animaly possible and I’m too lazy to reach up and shut my window. However, I’m a trooper, and breakfast was just around the corner…. who doesn’t love a good breakfast? For some reason my leftover popcorn, skittles and waffle combination didn’t provide the kickstart I was looking for, and my shower didn’t wash away the cranky. So off I went… first stop, smelly garbage bin in the alley behind my apartment. Awesome. I’m sure the handle will be extra juicy today. As I approached the bin (you know, the one with the huge latch and the giant lock on it like all the bins in Vancouver… just because we don’t want it, doesn’t mean we want anyone else to have it, ok?) Anyway… There I was, struggling/walking up to the bin with my hands, arms and even my legs trying to juggle and sort the garbage from my own personal crap. It was at that point that the Garbage man stopped what he was doing got out of his truck and came over to help me unlock and open the lid. In doing so, he did what my skittles and shower never could,… he washed away the cranky. It doesn’t seem like a big deal and in fact you are probably annoyed that you read this far and THAT was the climax of the story, but to me, on this day, it was kind of epic. There is a good chance he just wanted this awkward struggling human to get the hell out of the way so he could go on with his work. It didn’t matter. He had set in motion a chain of events and no matter how many times Ashton Kutcher went back in time to change it, he still died….. wait, what?… that never happened, I might be thinking of movie.

Point: The Garbage Man changed my mood and inspired me today. So maybe I could have the same effect on someone else if I looked up from my phone and noticed the world around me.  I don’t need to say because I think it’s obvious, but I will anyway. The moral of the story is this…. Crows are jerks and Garbage men are awesome.

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Inspiration of the day: Take a deeeep breath.

I hear it all the time and I thought I was doing it right, but apparently every deep breath I have ever taken in my almost 28 years of life has been a total sham! My parents failed me.

Allow me to elaborate. I’ve started doing yoga. It was only a matter of time before this happened. I had some pretty serious long term plans to pay for a gym and never go, eat like crap and drink most of my meals. Those plans were thwarted (unbeknownst to me) the moment my address changed to ‘kitsilaaaaaahno’. Don’t let that over-enunciated pronunciation fool you, I freaking love it here! I dread the day I will be forced to leave. I am terrified that one day my landlords will tell me they hate me and kick me out of the neighbourhood. (I’m almost positive they have the power to do that). Anyways, I digress… rewind, back on track. I love kits, thats why I moved here. I love the beach, I love the trees, I love that everyone is so active, even the strollers are made for seriously active activities. I bet the babies inside are doing downward dog and sipping kale infused coconut juice from their sippy cups. Not for me. There were two ‘typical kits’ things I wasn’t going to do. Buy groceries at Whole Foods and Yoga. Let me tell you how that went, Fail and Fail. After a year of living here the fresh ocean air got all up in my brain and screwed shit up! Now I’m spending $11 at Whole foods deli for a lunch sized portion of their steamed greens more than twice/week. (highly recommend it by the way. Its so delicious it doesn’t even make sense) Aaaaand not only am I paying for a yoga membership, I’m actually going! What has HAPPENED to me?

We have finally arrived at the point. Breathing. It is a huge part of actually doing yoga, which sounds like a lot of hippy dippy bullshit if you don’t know how to actually do it! Which apparently I did not. My idea of a deep breath was breathing into my stomach. It would end up looking the same way a cute little toddlers belly does, except on a 27 year old, its less ‘cute’ and more ‘I just had a giant sandwich and a large plate of pasta for lunch’. Soooo I wouldn’t breath deeply very often. I would do the normal shallow breath that we do when we aren’t thinking about it. My yoga teacher described it as the ‘fight or flight breath’. There is rarely any fighting in my life and even less flighting, so why am I breathing like that? She introduced me to this little exercise where you put your hands on the sides of your ribs with your thumbs around your back. Keep them there, now when you breathe, breathe into your thumbs. BAM! You’re transformed!! 🙂 Ok, so its not that revolutionary. I still breathe like I always have, but when I am conscious of it, I try to take in a few deep breaths throughout the day. Now when I am at the end of my yoga practice, taking my deep breaths and looking inside through my minds eye I think to myself … “What else did those jerks forget to teach me?”

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The start of a wonderful Journey…

Ok, so the title of my first post is horrible. Admittedly, I probably watch too much t.v ….. scratch that, I definitely watch too much BAD t.v. I’m starting to talk about new endeavors like I’m looking for a husband in a room full of attention starved weirdos with beautiful bodies and low self-esteem.

No, this is entirely different. I am trying something new and scary and kind of exciting. I haven’t quite decided what this is going to be because I only just decided I wanted to write a blog this morning. I do however, know that it is not going to have horrifying details about my personal life (aside from the fact that this brilliant idea to write a blog came to me the same place all my brilliant ideas hit me……. in the bathroom. What can I say, I really like to brush my teeth 🙂 )

Anyways, what was I saying? oh yes… horrifying details. This isn’t going to have any, at least that’s the plan because lets face it, my mom is probably the only one who will actually read this and I’ve probably already told her all the horrifying details just to freak her out, so I should probably keep it fresh to keep my reader engaged. This whole ‘writing a blog’ thing has been done so many times that it seems there is nothing fresh left to write about. I could write a sassy blog about sex, dating and trying to make it as a writer in the big city…. but I’m useless at 2/3 of those, so that won’t yield enough material, and I feel like that’s probably been done.

Nope, I’ve decided to write about what I’m good at…. not being clumsy and awkward (although, I am those things). I am good at finding inspiration in the every day randomness of my life. I have been so fortunate to see the world, meet so many amazing people and experience some awesome shit… and I feel like its time I started writing about it even if it is only you that’s reading it, mom.

Stay tuned for some random bits of inspiration!

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